The Radiant Wedding Pew Bow starts with a row of soft loops of silky-smooth satin ribbon. Next a satin-trimmed organza ribbon in staggered loops. Nestled in the center is your choice of three centers. Finishing off this Radiant Bow is a full veil backing of premium tulle draping down past the long tails.

Highest Quality Wedding Pew Bows. Genuine Satin Fabric and other Exceptional Materials. Superior Craftsmanship with Excellent Service.

You can easily custom order this bow here and now by choosing each bow part in a variety of colors.

Radiant Pew Bow 101
Radiant Pew Bow 101
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Ribbon Color Bottom (Genuine Satin Wired Edged):  Ribbon Color 2nd Row (Superior Satin-trimmed Arabesque):  Center:  Tulle Color (Premium Grade):  Add a satin steamer with the wedding couple names or any message you wish. Type your message 40 characters or less for an additional ($0.95): Imprinted Streamer/Lettering Colors: 

Product Description

Radiant Pew Bow 101

                                      10" x 24" Radiant Wedding Bow. To order this bow, as seen above, just click the order button or easily custom order your bow right now. Look at the drop down boxes near the top of this page and you will see that the colors chosen match this bow. You can choose a different color for each part of the bow (when available) using the drop down boxes. Just click the box and a list of colors is shown. Just choose the colors you like.

    Add a Personalized Streamer with the wedding date and names of the wedding couple or any message you like. For a small fee, we will imprint your message on a satin streamer using the color lettering you choose. This is a wonderful added touch and makes great favors after your event.

This Wedding Bow is hand-made here in the USA. The first tier is (4) 8" loops of high quality 1-1/2" elegant shimmering fine finish Fabric Satin Ribbon with two 17" tails extending from the center to the bottom of this bow. This satin ribbon also has wire sewn into the edges which provides additional support for the bow. This ribbon marvelously locks in the elegant sleekness, shimmering glossiness and splendid grandeur of satin.

The second tier is crafted with multi-sized loops of 4"-6"-4" loops of 1-1/2" glistening satin-trimmed arabesque ribbon with two 15" tails extending from the center to the bottom of this bow.

In the center, your choice of: Foam Primrose, Crystal-like Flowers or Foam Calla Lilies.

On the very back of the bow is a Full Veil of Tulle made from premium grade material. The Full Tulle surrounds the head of the bow completely extending an inch around the bow and extends down the bow behind the tails and two inches beyond.

Genuine Satin Fabric Ribbon

Superior Grade Satin-trimmed Arabesque

Quality:For all our pew bows, quality is of the utmost importance to us. We do not use imitation satin such as faux satin or floral satin. Our true Satin Ribbon is a fabric made from fine polyester thread. Look closely at our bows using satin and you will see the threading and material waves versus paper-like creases of the other false satin ribbons using satin in their name. We use only soft, woven, premium tulle. And the organza in every bow will be the real woven fabric, not the rice-paper like material you might see in costumes or such. The silk flowers are real silk and are very lifelike indeed. We strive to use only premium materials.

Size:Approximately 10 inches wide, the width of the bow head including the tulle with a total length of 24" (from the head of the bow to the bottom of the tails and tulle).

No Need for Pew Clips

Attach Easily: Our pew bows are ready for use right out of the package. We attach a decorative stretch band that slips over most pew ends eliminating the need for pew clips. The bow also attaches to any flat smooth surface, including lacquered wood pews, with a soft rubber suction cup. The suction cup is tied to the back of the bow and will not scratch any surface. The bow can also be tied to almost anything with the soft ties on the back of the bow. In addition, there is a removable adhesive strip for use on other surfaces. We realize you may wish to use your wedding pew bows in several areas so we have tried in earnest to cover all mounting needs.

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Would you like to see our ribbon in person? Contact us and request a ribbon swatch. We will mail it to you within 24 hours.


Shipping: Each pew bow will be individually packaged. Your bow will arrive full and fluffy and ready to use. No assembly required.

Please allow 3-5 days for us to hand-make your bow order and ship your order. Also allow 3-7 days for shipping delivery time. Please note: for single sample bows we will ship within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

It is your very special day; let us make your Wedding Pew Bows special for you.